Bring your needlework treasures to Frame Factory! We love to hear the stories behind your treasures and can provide a beautiful design that preserves and protects your items, within your budget.We appreciate how long it took to stitch that project.  We’ll treat it with care.  We’ll also help you pick the perfect frame, glass and matting to make it look it’s best.

This type of artwork is very special in the way it is to be handled and framed. Over the years, we have become the leaders in our area in this field. Our attention to detail is unmatched because of the time and patience it takes to frame needleworks. Most frame shops do not want to take them in the first place, let alone spend the time it takes to stretch and block the majority of them.

Customers who are the artists themselves, bring their precious work to us knowing that we have the patience and experience to frame them right the first time!

•    Petipoint

•    Cross Stitch

•    Tapestry

•    Silks

•    Cotton

•    Wool

•    Very fine doilies

•    Blocking (when needed)