Shadow Box Framing

Frame Factory offers Shadowbox framing of all types. Shadowboxes are used when the object being framed is three-dimensional, or when a flat object desires dimensionality with a deep, box-like framing treatment. We have hundreds of frame mouldings that are deep enough to achieve this.

What types of things can be shadow-boxed? We’ve framed christening dresses, wedding veils, cast bronze plaques, maps with travel photos displayed with varying heights, fabric panels, antique tools, books, coins, military decorations, and hole-in-one golf balls! If it is important to you and it can fit in a frame, we can put it there with style!

We also have plexiglass frame boxes! A plexi box, as we call it, is constructed from plexiglass or 1/8″ clear acrylic sheet and is open on one side, into which is inserted a platform, usually made from wood and covered in fabric on the front and vertical sides. It is held in place by countersunk screws through holes drilled in the edges of the box. You can mount art onto the fabric surface and be able to see it from nearly any angle, whereas in a traditional shadowbox frame, you can only view the art from the front through the glass.

When it comes to price, we will work with you to accommodate your budget!

If you have any questions about shadowboxes or need a price quote, call us (734-971-1100) and we’ll get back to you right away!